Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Best time of the day

After a hectic and long working day, maybe a lot of traveling and a bunch of hours of business, it's so great to come home to six hugs - one from each family member! When I'm traveling or leave for work in the early morning hours, before anyone else is awake; those can be days when I don't get to see the family much. Today was one of those days. I only got to put the kids to bed. However, the final hours of the day can be the best time to be with them.

I love telling stories or just listening to what they have to share, to give them a back rub or simply talk about what happened during the day. I always try to let the kids be in charge. It almost becomes a magic moment when they tend to open up and share things they otherwise would never tell.


  1. I have seen you in this role Vidar, as a very loving father who works hard all day and comes home to a wonderful family. Lillian and you are a great team and I have learned much from the both of you. You don't let work interfere with your family life and the activities you do with your family. You are very focused, set goals, and achieve them with regards to your work and family. Neither one gets neglected :) You are one of my heroes!