Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Norseman Extreme Triathlon

Yesterday I told about the committee behind the "Sales and Marketing Forum". These are great friends of mine. One of them, Hårek Stranheim, is actually among the toughest guys I know. He not only does thriathlons, but he's the man behind the most demanding and longest triathlon in the entire world!!! It's the NORSEMAN EXTREME TRIATHLON.

Here's a clip when Hårek Stranheim was on National TV in Norway some years ago. Sorry, Hårek, but you'll never get me to participate. Just watching this exhausts me. I did however, buy myself a treadmill last week. That'll keep me running frequently ;-)

The Norseman challenge ends at Gaustatoppen in Telemark. My son and I spent an entire day just climbing its final stages. In the Triathlon this is just the last "30 seconds" of the distance. Imagine that!

The view is just amazing up there. Simply something that needs to be experienced.

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