Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tribute to Jan Moen

This evening I received a personal visit from Jan Moen. Boy! how he impresses me. He has practically lived martial arts all his life. He's not just anyone, but the President of The Nanbudo Worldwide Federation. With the exeption of the Doshu himself, there's nobody that holds a higher Dan. His formal Nanbudo rank is "Renshi". But... titles can mean so little. What really matters is the type of person he is, which in turn should be a reflection of the title that's been placed on him.

Jan relates to everyone, he seems to attract positive people (all the other people associated with him here in the Skien Nanbudo club are simply fantastic, too!). Most of all I appreciate how Jan focuses on the new guys. And he's so right! If you take care of the newcomers then the rest will take care of themselves - almost ;-)

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