Monday, November 17, 2008

Sales and Marketing Forum

About a year ago we started the Sales and Marketing Forum in Grenland. We thought marketers and sales people might want to get together *** BOY! were we right *** In total we're now more than a hundred people. It has become a fantastic place to find like-minded and eager networkers. Everybody meets together the last Thursday of every month 8pm at Klosterøya.

Over time a standard pattern has surfaced. We always:
  • host experts to do "dialog based lectures"
  • invite a big company willing to be sold to (that's a lot of fun!)
  • do some speed dating to meet new people
  • eat some good food
Who's running this thing..? Reidar Stavseth, Pål Hårek Stranheim, Maria Furuholmen and then there's me. I love these guys!

Why don't you pop by and check it out? ;-)

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