Friday, November 21, 2008

Franklin Covey Norway

Today I met with Franklin Covey Norway (or "Nordic Approach", which is the proper naming). Ever since 1994 I've been excited about this company and the values and philosophy it represents.

Funny thing is, I was introduced to both Franklin Quest and Covey Leadership Center appx the same time - before these two companies merged. The merger was in 1997, but the company only had formal representation in the UK at the time. In 2001 I met with Carsten Lindgaard who brought Franklin Covey to Scandinavia. A year after this I was actually asked to do a workshop presentation for Junior Chamber in behalf of Franklin Covey (FC). This was when I first met with Sissel Storesund, a really professional lady who knows what she's doing.

Needless to say, Sissel Storesund has been a good friend all along. She recently brought FC to Norway together with Georg Muri. That gets me so excited! I'll do my best to help them succeed. They're both fantastic people!

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